Beyonce Gives Birth to Daughter Today?

According to the staff and security at St. Luke’s Roosevelt hospital in New York, a very high-profile patient would be checking in today. Hmmm. The high-profile patient has already booked half of an entire floor of the hospital. Sounds like Beyonce to me! You know she’s a diva, people!

Beyonce Pregnancy Pose Photo

Allie is Wired reports: They will be located in the “Labor and Delivery Suite.” Although there is no official announcement that Beyonce is actually checking in today, it seems sensible that she would want to keep a low-profile as to not cause a huge scene at the hospital.

Jay-Z’s wife is reportedly over 9 months pregnant. Whether or not Beyonce is expected to pop out her first born today, that kid is coming soon. Stay tuned!

According to Beyonce herself, she is over 9 months along.