Beyonce Kicks Lindsay Lohan Out of Dressing Room

Lindsay Lohan hosted Singapore’s three-day F1 Rocks event this weekend. When the has been showed up, she requested to be holed up in the largest dressing room.

Beyonce Knowles live

But when Beyonce rolled through, Lindsay was told to get the eff out!

Beyonce’s entourage is a team of 70! Sasha Fierce said she wanted the biggest room, which was to be decorated in white, with four lit mirrors in the room, a mini gym and alcohol. Beyonce’s requests were 139-pages thick! Well, this is the same woman whose recent singles includes a hit titled “Diva.”

Lindsay was enjoying the room until Saturday when she was kicked out. LiLo spoke to the Daily Mirror about the event, saying, “I’ve been a bit down. It was a strange night. Everyone was being aggressive and bothering me. I really didn’t like it.”

I’d like to think that b*tch was given five minutes to get the f*ck out and that Lindsay’s alcohol got evicted too, cause B doesn’t drink any cheap sh*t. Lindsay’s the one who’s usually acting up at event after event, but you can’t out diva a queen vixen!