Beyonce Rotterdam Concert ‘Somebody’s Getting Fired’ Video

Beyonce needs to STFU because she isn’t going through any of the concert woes that her industry counterpart Britney Spears is. This was nothing. Brit Brit should be the one screaming about who’s getting fired, too bad that would be everyone cause her sloppy tour involves mishaps from security, dancers, costume designers and the folk who don’t let her know what city she’s in.

It all goes down around the :45 mark. While Beyonce was ironically performing her hit song “Diva” at her Rotterdam concert, there was some technical difficulties – someone didn’t flip the light switch during her big dance sequence. Well Beyonce got all Sasha Fierce on ’em. Beyonce first yelled out “LIGHTS!” and when that didn’t work she said “Somebody’s getting fired!” as she shook her ass and pretended like it was an impromptu ad-lib to her song.

When Beyonce’s fuming mad she tosses her weave and gives out her threats via lyrics. She is definitely a female version of a hustla!