Blake Lively Nude Photos: Uncensored, Leaked

Blake Lively's rep is denying that nude photos of a woman who looks JUST LIKE BLAKE is actually Blake. Blake's rep said: "Blake has never taken nude photos of herself. Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner."

Blake Lively nude photo scandal

Blake's hacker/ evil hater isn't too happy about this denial and he has posted 17 more naked pictures of the Gossip Girl star. The woman in some of the photos has tattoos. Blake has never been seen with any tattoos before…

The photos where you can see Blake's face are clearly Ms. Lively, IMHO. The other pics could be anyone. I'm actually pretty disappointed by the photos. They don't do it for me. Poor Blake. If you're gonna get nekkid, might as well get paid for it. She would have looked amazing in an airbrushed Playboy spread.

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