Bob Marley Sex Tape Now Online


Bob Marley was the quintessential reggae musician. His music was full of life lessons, pain and passions; one of which was sex. However, the latest sex-related twist to the Marley progeny may not have been looked upon happily by the deceased legend if he were here to see.

It seems one of his granddaughters has a sex tape that has been leaked onto the world wide web. Donisha Prendergast, daughter of Sharon Marley-Prendergast (one of the Melody Makers) has been identified as the young lady involved in the most recent home-porn to hit the net.

The story is a big deal in Jamaica right now where Ms. Prendergast enjoys a bit of fame as a stage and screen actress. Some have suggested the two part flick was leaked onto the internet by her male lead, Christopher "Johnny" Daley; her boyfriend. But that's just suggestion. I guess as this point though, the path it took is irrelevant.

This tape will not dissappoint! If Marley could sing such emotional, insightful songs, you know he's creative and sensual in bed. Bring it! I want some singing in there too, though. Some singing, some kinky shit with his dreads … show us how Jamaicans do it, Bobby.