Bow Wow: “Gay” Photo Leads To Twitter War

Hmm…not sure what to make of this one. Yesterday, the below photo was posted to Lil Bow Wow's Twitter page and the rapper/actor has since launched a vicious verbal attack against the hacker he claims is responsible.


“i got 2500$ to any Detroit n*gga that finds @7_I_Am and slaps the piss outta dis n*gga,” Bow Wow tweeted shortly after the pic was deleted. It appears that, for a time, BW's page was held hostage by a 19 year-old aspiring rapper known on Twitter as 7_I_Am. The hacker claimed to have pulled the stunt in order to promote his music career, but at one point also demanded $10,000 from Bow Wow.

Of course, many are theorizing that Bow Wow posted the pic himself accidentally and then perpetrated the hacker hoax to protect his image in the hip-hop community. Either way, the homophobic tweets he spewed in the wake of the scandal are unlikely to win him many new gay fans.