Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lopez: The Relationship Is Heating Up!

Since enjoying a quiet dinner date at Per Se in New York City last month, Bradley Cooper remains connected with Jennifer Lopez and hopes to one day keep her as his own. A source speaking with Us Weekly says Bradley is “really trying to woo Jennifer in a big way” and apparently Bradley “has been after Jennifer, calling her, for ages.”

Bradley Cooper Is HotJennifer Lopez Looking Good

The two have been texting and talking a lot since their dinner date, and Jennifer is enjoying his company. A source close to Jenn says, “Considering how depressed she has been since her breakup, it’s no surprise that she has finally decided to let him in.”

If Brad has been after her for so long, that makes me think he’s into that whole holier than thou diva attitude that J.Lo has. If that’s the case, he just got a lot less hotter. Damn you Bradley, you’re ruining my dreams.

Photos: WENN