Jennifer Aniston: Hurt Over Bradley Cooper Breakup

Jennifer Aniston is a superficial b*tch who only dates men who are much prettier than she is. Well now that her last dude dumped her for squinty Renee Zellweger, she’s pissed off.

Jennifer Aniston‘s friend ratted her out.

Jennifer Aniston laughing

“She wanted to turn her date with Cooper into something…she honestly feels screwed over,” a pal tells Us Aniston “doesn’t see what Renee has that she doesn’t,” continues the pal. 

Meanwhile Renee’s friends basically took backhanded jabs at Maniston, saying that Renee is “no drama” and she’s not co-dependent like Jenny Maniston.

Jen’s “friend” also added: “She had a major crush on him and she let him know. He didn’t reciprocate. She is fine. She’s used to being single and in work mode.”

Jenny had a crush and she let Bradley know? Did she notify him of her feelings via text or did she have a friend pass him a note? But does it even matter how Jen goes about getting new dick? She’s like one of the school sluts with a bad reputation. Considering that every dude dumps Jenny, it must be hard for her lovers to figure out why they should keep her around when no one else wants her a*s.