Bree Olson: ‘Charlie Sheen Couldn’t Keep Up With My Sexual Appetite’

Porn star Bree Olson says that Charlie Sheen is good in bed, the problem was just that he wasn’t banging her enough. Bree is a nymphomaniac who posts ads online asking guys to run trains on her and fill her up with their man juice. This b!tch ain’t easy to please!

The Sheenius thought he could satisfy Bree, but he couldn’t.

Bree Olson underwear

The 24 year-old whore for hire said: “I’m insatiable when it comes to my sexual appetite – and I wasn’t used to having to share. Charlie would try to keep up – but it was tough.”

Bree says that Sheen likes to have sex twice a day, which isn’t enough for her.

“I can just about get by on one-a-day – but would be happier having it 19 times a day.”

Olson tells The Sun that Charlie would have sex with only her on some days, and that alternate goddess Natalie Kenly would be upset whenever she’d find out about it. Damn! You must be brilliant in bed if your chain smoking, coked up a*s makes young chicks crave your infested penis everyday.

Bree claims that she slept in Charlie’s bed for the first week or two, which upset Natalie. “So I volunteered to sleep in the second bed for a bit to give them a chance.”