Bristol Palin Reality Show: Canceled!

Bristol Palin‘s reality show, which was scheduled to air on the BIO channel, has been scrapped. The show was supposed to be about Bristol sharing an apartment with her fellow Dancing With the Stars reject, Kyle Massey, in Hollywood.

Bristol Palin, Kyle Massey

The show has been dropped by the mysterious network. Anyone familiar with BIO? In the wake of the cancellation, Bristol has other plans. A friend of her reveals that she wants to go to cosmetology school and “look for jobs in the movie industry.”

A source says: “Bristol’s realizing that her bout of fame and big-money job offers is dwindling since her mother isn’t in the spotlight as much, so she needs a backup plan.”

Bristol is a snobby C U Next Tuesday, so she’s perfect for the movie industry! She’s also attractive, which helps. Something tells me that she and Tripp will do just fine. Bristol’s lucky that her show never made it to television. It was destined to be a humiliating catastrophe.