Britney Spears and Adnan Are Back Together?

I’m so happy, I could piss right now, fully clothed, all over my carpet, which probably has something to do with the tall cup of water I drank not too long ago. But whatevers, I’m elated. Crazy ass ‘it’s Britney, bitch!’ is back y’all! She’s with her former pap lover AND she’s been texting Adnan about how her dad is too “controlling.”

This can only mean ONE thing – when Jamie Spears conservatorship ends shortly, our crazy ass bitch will be back in full trainwreck mode. I heart all versions of Brit Brit: dirty weave, braless, psycho ass bitch style, bald headed and batshit, or showered with covered up nips in a bra. In summary, if she’s getting back in touch with her inner crazy, that works.

TMZ reports,

Our sources say over the last few months Adnan has been getting into The Summit, the gated community where Brit lives. They have been “together,” though we can’t say it’s still going on. We know they have been texting back and forth, at times complaining that Daddy Jamie is too “controlling” by trying to put the kibosh on the relationship.