Britney Spears Goes Brunette, Walks With Jason Trawick

Whenever Britney Spears dyes her hair, it’s headline news. Gasp! Brit Brit is dark again, y’all! I don’t really like dark hair on Britney Spears cause 1) I feel that it ages her a bit and 2) She was really bat sh*t the last time she had a dark weave.

Britney Spears and her agent “boyfriend” Jason Trawick went shopping together over the weekend and I have yet to co-sign on this f*ckship. I still think it’s a publicity stunt. Britney likes her boys rough, rugged, fluent Ebonics speakers and occasionally unemployed baby daddies. This guy is too old and accomplished and square and employed for her.

And check out how Jason walks in front of Britney! Body Analysis experts, aka me, say that this couple is doomed. Hopefully Brit Brit will find long lasting happiness someday.

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