Britney Spears: Lookin’ Good in Elle Magazine

Britney Spears is here to save us from Tiger-gate. The sexy mother of two graces one of the covers of the January 2010 issue of Elle magazine. Lady Gaga is featured on a second cover.

Britney Spears black and white cover girl

Britney Spears and her mini-me sons were photographed before they got their buzzcuts. And naturally, the feature is a complimentary, PR-driven fluff piece on the poptart.

The nearly yearlong tour, with its elaborate $50 million extravaganza featuring DSquared2 costumes, was among the highest grossing concert tours in the United States last year, rivaling those of U2 and Bruce Springsteen.

But unlike U2 and Bruce Springsteen, Brit Brit lip synchs and causes mass walkouts. Hmmm…. actually, getting that many people to spend hundreds of dollars to see you shake your hips and move your lips is quite an accomplishment.

When dolled up, Britney is very photogenic. For reasons unknown, in the spread, she’s dressed up like cookie monster; but that white dress is stunning.

Britney Elle magazine pictureBritney Spears heelsBritney Spears holds Jayden JamesBritney Spears cookingBritney Spears black and white cover girl