Britney Spears Needs Nipple Control

A day without Britney Spears‘ nipples poking out is like a day without sunshine. We’ve all seen Britney out and about running errands with a major titty hard-on, and her dad is getting fed up with it!

According to The Sun (consider the source) Jamie Spears is forcing Britney to wear a bra when she leaves the house. He’s also pointing the finger at her bodyguards for allowing her to leave the house with her nips on full display.

“Jamie hates the pictures of her with her nipples all over the place, so he has banned her from leaving the house without a bra. One security guard was told he is close to getting fired because he lets her go out without her bra.”

Jamie’s worried that Britney may end up on the crazy train again and even made her break up with her boyfriend Jason Trawick. “He likes Jason but their relationship was too intense and volatile. He feared it was sending her back to her old ways. He warned her: ‘It’s Jason or your children’.”

Poppa Spears is keeping Brit’s nips on lock down and is also telling her who she is allowed to date? That would drive me crazy enough to shave my head and attack a van with an umbrella! Trying to control every tiny aspect of her life has got to be annoying. I feel sorry for Britney and her nipples.

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