Brittanya O’Campo – Guilty Of Assault With A Pimp Cup

You may remember Brittanya O’Campo as a finalist on Rock of Love Bus, but I’m sure you also remember those crazy dimple piercings she had in her cheeks too. I’m not into the facial piercing myself and I think the dimple piercings are ridiculous, but somehow Brittanya manages to pull it off.

Brittanya O'Campo

Don’t let those fake dimples fool you, this ho is crazy! According to TMZ, Brittanya checked into the Ventura County Jail in California yesterday to serve 6 months after pleading guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery for an incident that happened in 2008. So, what happened exactly? Brittanya beat up another chick with a pimp cup! That’s gangsta right there.

The woman on the receiving end of O’Campo’s pimp smack was so busted up … she needed several stitches to close the wounds.

Brittanya twittered a goodbye note to her fans saying, “I will be locked up for 6 monthes [sic]. I can only get PostCards, no letters or packages.”

Those Rock of Love girls are top notch women. She could have thrown a beer bottle or pulled the chick’s weave, but she kept it classy by giving her a serious beat down with a pimp cup. After hearing about this incident, Lil Wayne must be falling in love with Brittanya.