Brooke Mueller Agrees to Go to Rehab

Brooke Mueller has finally agreed to go to rehab, after being arrested earlier this month for cocaine possession. It’s like she’s heading back home!

Brooke Mueller is a mess

Though Brooke has vehemently denied that she’s a major drug addict with serious issues beyond her control, Brooke is now admitting that she still has a substance abuse problem. She was “reluctant” at first, but her friends persuaded her to get the help that she so desperately needs. Not that it’s helped her the other fourteen times.

According to TMZ
, the troubled ex-wife of Charlie Sheen is finalizing arrangements for treatment somewhere near L.A. and will be checking in soon (assuming she doesn’t back out at the last minute). While she’s in rehab, Charlie and her parents will be taking care of her kids, which should probably have already happened a while ago–or, uh, right now.