Brooke Mueller Arrests For Cocaine Possession And DUI

Isn’t it awesome when something crazy happens to a celebrity? All of this crazy dirty laundry comes flying out of their closet that we didn’t know about, like Brooke Mueller‘s arrests for Cocaine possession and a DUI.

It appears as though Brooke Mueller used to enjoy getting her drink on and playing with white powder before she became involved with Charlie Sheen. Brooke was “arrested by the Palm Beach Police Department on her DUI on Sept. 13, 1996. Her cocaine possession arrest was by Miami-Dade police on March 19, 2001.”

Brooke Mueller is on drugs

As part of Brooke’s DUI arrest, she was also charged for causing damage to property, which means she probably drove over some old woman’s mailbox after having a few too many drinks. It’s time for the poor folks who have dirt on Brooke to come out of the closet with their stories of what a crazy and wild party animal Brooke used to be, so they can cash in on the drama. You know this is only the beginning!