Brooke Mueller Denies Being a Violent Cokehead

Although Brooke Mueller has been in rehab many many times and she was allegedly caught with four grams of cocaine on her over the weekend, she’s claiming that she’s innocent. Maybe she was wearing someone else’s jeans perhaps?!

Brooke Mueller hat photo

Brooke’s rep says that her lawyer wants “all charges dropped once the facts of the case come to light.”

Charlie Sheen has offered to help the troubled mother out with her kids, but Brooke insists that her 2 year-old sons should stay with her. She has no immediate plans to check into rehab although people close to her are urging her to.

Brooke will be back in court on Dec. 19.

Also noteworthy, because Brooke had four grams of cocaine, that’s the lowest class of felony arrest. She may only get probation!

Photo: Wenn