Bruce and Kris Jenner: Divorce In The Works?

Kris Jenner is so concerned with trying to be the fourth Kardashian sister, it’s a wonder she didn’t release her own sex tape after seeing what it did for Kim’s career. But according to the National Enquirer, Kris has found an even more dysfunctional way to follow in her daughter’s footsteps. The famewhore and professional reality mom is said to be on the verge of filing for divorce from her husband, Bruce Jenner.

Bruce and Kris Jenner Kissing Photo

The Enquirer reports, “the 20 year union of [Kris and Bruce Jenner] – is on the rock” and the couple has been “battling over everything from money to how to raise their offspring” Kim’s controversial divorce has reportedly been the final straw, as Bruce has decided to side with the jilted giant, Kris Humphries. The other Kris (Jenner) is reportedly so pissed that she’s severely limited Bruce’s access to family bank accounts and placed him on a strict weekly allowance. Pretty demeaning for a 56 year-old former pro athlete.

An anonymous source close to the family claims the relationship, along with the family itself is “totally fractured” and Bruce is fed up with Kris’ obsessive devotion to fame and her “career.” “He now wants a life away from the TV craziness,” says the source. “As a result, he and Kris are at a crisis point in their marriage.” For her next marriage, Kris should put a clause in the prenup that reads, “Must be willing to have every freakin’ second of your life broadcast on the E! network.”

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