Carrie Prejean Sextape Video: Free, Leaked By Ex-Boyfriend?

Carrie Prejean‘s ex-boyfriend says that Carrie sent him around 15-20 explicit sex tapes when they were together. Carrie and her ex actually met through a friend on MySpace.

Carrie Prejean masturbates

Carrie’s camp has tried to get Carrie’s ex-lover to lie and say that she was 17 when she filmed the video, that way bloggers will be scared to post it cause it would be child pornography.

Carrie’s ex wants to remain anonymous. He has leaked pictures of the two of them during a romantic weekend in San Diego. This b*tch is shaming an entire county. She needs to move to Alaska so she can be BFFLs with Sarah Palin.

Lesson to all horny, subservient females: Don’t send your boyfriend or your husband SH*T! Your man gets to hit it in person; he doesn’t need pictures or footage of you whoring out so that he can bust another nut. He’s got plenty of porn for that.

The sequence of recent events and the willingness of Carrie’s ex to speak to TMZ indicates that Carrie’s sex tape WILL LEAK for “free,” all. Heh. I predict that it will leak by next Friday, but I’m gonna be bolder than that and pick an actual date. Carrie’s sex tape is gonna drop, like her panties on camera, on Tuesday November 17th or Wednesday the 18th.

Stay tuned.

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