Casey Anthony: Parents Want Over $250k for Interview

Apparently every member of the Anthony family wants to be hated by many people in America, because Casey Anthony’s parents are requesting to get paid heavy for their own interview. Cindy and George have refused to talk for $250k because they think it’s not enough!

Casey Anthony Parents

TMZ reports: The bidding has gone crazy … we’re hearing the bidding for a Casey interview was over $1.5 million.

NBC — which paid for Baez’ hotel room — was leading the pack in the Casey bidding war, even though the Network denied it was offering any money for an interview.

TMZ continues to report that NBC, ABC, and CBS have all made big offers for Casey Anthony’s exclusive. ABC is the only network trippin’ out, denying that they’re paying for anything. ABC even declared that they “can book just about anyone based on the strength of our journalism.” How cheesy is that?!

I didn’t think about how much stacks Casey’s folks could pocket. And although I think some will be furious with them, it’s Cindy and George’s right to sell their story. Their psycho daughter has put them through enough, and if they can make over a quarter of a million for talking, they’d be incredibly stupid not to take it.

TMZ is full of sh!t because they pay people for exclusives all the time.