Casper Smart is Directing Jennifer Lopez’s New Video

Jennifer Lopez began dating 24 year-old Casper Smart months ago because he asked her out. She’s been taking him everywhere with her, like some Louboutins, and now she’s letting her dancer boyfriend direct her music video. Lopez already got Casper a gig on the set of American Idol. She really wants to ease him up off of his $10k/ week allowance.

Casper Smart works now

According to the paparazzi, Casper directed the video. Here are some photos of Casper and JHo on the set of her video shoot in Mexico on Monday. She Tweeted that she loves Mexico, and Casper.

Something tells me that directing a music video is not rocket science; a singer sings (and in Jen’s case, probably dances), and you put footage together of the singer singing in different locations, if the video has no plot, and you’re done!

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Photos: Fame/ Flynet