Casper Smart Looks Good

Casper Smart is looking conversation worthy in the photo below. If the man wanted to buy me a drink, I wouldn’t refuse it… I never have refused anyway, but you get the point, Casper doesn’t look like an albino alien here.

Casper Smart leaves hotel

Casper: NEVER take those glasses off!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper were spotted leaving their hotel in NYC yesterday. They both attended Jenny’s promotional events and then they took off for the airport.

… This is no ordinary f*ckship. Casper plays babysitter to JLo’s kids, he now works for American Idol, and he has to take international trips with Jenny cause she pays him $10k/ week for sex. A co-dependent diva’s gotta get her money’s worth! After Jenny’s done with him, he should hit up Demi Moore.

Photo: Fame/ Flynet