Celebrities With Bigger Natural Boobs Than Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag may think that she has the biggest boobs in Hollywood, but she doesn’t.

Heidi Montag bikini line


Here’s a list of beautiful and confident celebrities with bigger boobs than plastic surgery addict and reality TV star Heidi Montag.


Christina Hendricks boobsChristina Hendricks cleavageChristina Hendricks photoChristina Hendricks pic

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks’ breasts are big enough to drive any man or woman mad. How did they become so naturally super sized? What does she eat for breakfast? How much do those things weigh individually, or together? The gorgeous actress always manages to wear bras that keep those melons hoisted up properly,  which is a plus. Xtina should go to every red carpet event possible. Cleavage baring dresses only please.


Jessica Simpson bikini picture

Jessica Simpson hasn’t been thin in years, but she had boobs before she gained weight and her chichis grow exponentially bigger when she has more weight on. I have no idea how this woman could be “sexual napalm” in bed when those D’s had to be flopping around, creating their own soundtrack while John Mayer banged her brains out.


Katharine Heigl on a bedKatherine Heigl Naked Picture

Katherine Heigl is the total package: She’s undeniably talented, naturally beautiful, and she’s not exactly Keira Knightley from the waist up either. Maybe one day she’ll follow the lead of her film character and get knocked up so we can find out if ‘the girls’ get big enough to be called ‘the women.’


Salma Hayek bikini pictureSalma Hayek bra

Salma Hayek famously whipped out the tit and breastfed a baby in Africa, but with boobs that big, she could feed about half of the children in the impoverished nation.


Meghan McCain Twitter Pic

When Meghan McCain was trying to promote a book by posting a picture from her Twitter account, she accidentally promoted her overwhelming cleavage instead. Meghan took her photo while she was reading in bed, which was the right place for the Arizona Senator’s daughter to be considering that those lady lumps could make any pillows seem rock hard in comparison.


Tocarra photo

America’s Next Top Big Breasted Model is a gorgeous woman with curves to spare. Tocarra’s confidence won the judges over while she competed on America’s Next Top Model, and its her enormous cups that runneth over that has earned her many male fans ever since her reality TV departure.