Charlie Sheen Wrecked Hotel Room Pictures

I love Charlie Sheen. He’s a great actor, but he’s also totally f*cked in the head. Charlie ended up in the hospital after a drunken, cocaine filled night with a hooker Tuesday morning when he realized his wallet was missing and went psycho on the prostitute.

People on the same floor of The Plaza hotel where Charlie was staying heard screaming and cussing from inside the room. Ex-wife Denise Richards pleaded with the front desk to call the police and when they showed up, Charlie was so trashed he couldn’t even dress himself.

Sheen was so loaded that cops had to button his shirt for him after telling him to get dressed. He told police that he had been out drinking and doing cocaine earlier before ending up in his suite with the hooker, sources said.

Sources say Charlie ripped the curtains, overturned tables, and broke glass, which cut his toe open. In a text conversation with Radar Online, Charlie says the story of what happened “is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario.” 

Riiiiight Charlie. If you can go bat sh!t crazy on your wife and threaten to kill her, I totally believe you went loco on the random whore in your hotel room. Nice try buddy.