Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna?

Another day, another bit of weird drama for Chris Brown. The singer and inter-gender boxing champion tweeted the below pic last night after a scuffle with rapper Drake and his entourage at New York’s WIP nightclub.

Chris Brown Face Injury

Brown was apparently hit with a broken bottle causing the gash on his chin. Police arrived at the club some time after 4 am, but Breezy and Drake had already fled the scene. Chris posted the photographic evidence of his injury along with the message, “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.”

So what was the cause of the epic dispute? Witnesses say that judging by words exchanged before the melee, the heart of the beef was none other than Chris’ former punching bag ex-girlfriend and Drake’s rumored hook-up, Rihanna. Breezy and RiRi were reportedly hanging out in the same club the previous night and someone mentioned her name the next evening, things got heated in a hurry. Oh, Chris Brown. Can’t you go a week without getting someone’s blood on your clothes? At least this time it was your own.