Chris Brown Is Angry

It’s time for Chris Brown to enroll in some anger management classes because the boy is whack!

Chris Brown looks sad in court

Chris was taking some time to improve his bowling score at Lucky Strikes in NYC earlier this week, and was seen throwing a fit as his buddies carried him out the door.

Lucky Strikes is pretty chill on Monday nights, but Chris was ready to party, and that’s what he did,” the source says. A few hours later, one of said pals was pulling him out of Lucky Strikes, kicking and screaming.

“He definitely looked like he was being forced to leave, like his friends knew it was in his best interest,” says the eyewitness. “He was acting kind of crazy, partying too much, and making moves on a really young-looking girl.”

His friends were probably pulling him out before he was listed as a pedophile for hitting on a “really young-looking girl.” You’ve got enough problems right now; don’t add any more to the list.