Chris Brown Weight Loss: WTF?!

Chris Brown was once as famous for his sculpted, newly-released convict body as he was for beating women his music, but Breezy has lost an astonishing amount of weight in recent weeks, and naturally, the rumors are flying fast.

Chris Brown lost weight, skinny

The easiest explanation would be that Chris’ recklessness and penchant for bad behavior have led him to hard drugs. Some of Chris’ friends, however, feel the real problem is with his love life. One anonymous source close to the situation claims Chris is deeply depressed and “pining away” for his ex, Rihanna, and his heartbreak has caused him to stop eating.

As for Chris’ relationship with Karrueche Tran, the source claims it’s a sham, saying, “He’s only with her for his public image. He’s not in love with Karrueche, he’s in love with Rihanna.”

Whatever, the reason, Breezy needs to get over his newly acquired food allergy. The manorexic look does not work for this dude.

(Photo: WENN)