Chris Hossman: Amber Portwood’s ‘Boyfriend’ is NOT a Sex Offender

Yesterday afternoon POTP and many other sites reported that Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood is dating a registered sex offender. On last week’s episode of Teen Mom, Amber’s date Chris said that he has a criminal record. Overzealous people then found a Chris Glen Hossman, a registered sex offender, online and claimed that he was Amber’s date.

amber date reports:  The man on the Madison Country Sheriff’s Office offenders website, Christopher Glen Hossman, is not the same Chris who was featured on “Teen Mom” this past Tuesday night. Christopher Glen Hossman is 5’7″ and 27 years old; the Chris who took Amber on a date is 5′ 10″ and just shy of 22.

Well well well, I’m glad that Snarky was smart enough to say that Amber’s date may or may not be a sex offender, because turns out that Amber’s date is not.

The real sex offender’s on-again off-again girlfriend ran to Radar Online to whine about the allegations that her sex offender former lover appeared on the show. I don’t even wanna know what woman who dated a registered sex offender “for over a year” and allowed him to stay in her home with her four kids, ages from 7 – 22 years old, would come forward and claim that she allowed him to stay in her house. There are no words.

Of course many were quick to point fingers and condemn Amber, but I’m thankful for this unfortunate rumor because I believe it has made people think about who they bring into their lives.