Christina Aguilera Butt Implants: Before and After Pictures?

Christina Aguilera performed on The Voice on Monday night and she was noticeably thinner and noticeably curvier. Typically, that’s not how it works. If you lose weight in one place (like your thighs), you don’t gain it in your t!ts. Christina lost weight in her face and all over her body, but her butt was bigger all of a sudden. Here is a picture taken from Christina’s “Not Myself Tonight” video and here’s a photo of Christina’s new butt on The Voice.

Christina Aguilera flat butt
Christina Aguilera butt implants Christina Aguilera butt implants picture

Did she get work done? More than likely she did, I assume. Granted Christina is larger today than she was when she filmed “Not Myself Tonight,” but even when she was heavier, her butt remained flat.

Christina has had breast implants from the beginning of her career and she’s always buried in makeup so she’s obviously insecure, so it wouldn’t be shocking to know that Xtina tried to go all Nicki Minaj on us. If these rumors are true, that’s pretty sad.

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    The delusional Christina Aguilera Marilyn Monroe wannabe has always been flat chested,flat butted till she got plastic sugery.Christina Aguilera also changed her nose .Christina is following the trend of booty injections like her friends Kim Kardashian,Nicki Minaj .It’s quite funny all the BS Christina says about loving her body full figured,being confortable in her skin,feeling sexy being natural, but yet she paid for those fake curves . As far as natural she isn’t natural with all that fake Marilyn Monroe ripp off she does on an hourly basis.Christina has a fake body,fake laugh,fake personality nothing is real or original about her anymore.