Christina Aguilera Weight Loss: Before and After!!

Once upon a time Christina Aguilera was a very thin girl with big boobs, because she got breast implants, and then she was a somewhat curvy girl with an ugly husband. Then she became a mother, but she quickly lost her pregnancy weight. A few years later, she had marriage drama and she got ‘fat.’ So she moved her boyfriend into the same house she was sharing with her husband, all the while sexing her new guy but still consuming comfort food and excessive amounts of alcohol.

Christina Aguilera before and after

The talented singer who was once famous for her Billboard hits was turning into a bit of a has been. Her music wasn’t selling like it used to and she was reportedly making all of her money from her fragrance sales until NBC snatched her up.

There were reports that Xtina was a nightmare on the set of The Voice because she didn’t want to look fat. Still, she appeared to be plus-sized compared to what she used to look like. Then she slimmed down within the months when the audition episodes are taped and the live shows are filmed. The results are above. Meanwhile Kelly Osbourne is still calling Christina fat to this day and she says that she doesn’t take any of it back. Success is the best revenge! Well done!