Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart’s “Cherry Bomb” Music Video

Dakota Fanning has been the HBIC her entire acting career. Didn’t you love all of that fierceness in New Moon? Dakota owns all of her roles. She could seriously play First Lady Michelle Obama in a movie and I’d be totally convinced that it was Mrs. Barack Obama herself.

Dakota Fanning Oscar buzz for The Runaways

Dakota and her jail bait self can be seen in lingerie in the music video for “Cherry Bomb,” the Runaways most popular song. The movie named after the band, “The Runaways” opens this Friday!!! I’ve also posted the movie’s trailer after the jump. Kristen Stewart, who plays Joan Jett, will probably own her role too because Joan Jett doesn’t seem like too far of a stretch for her.

Some are speculating that Dakota’s performance will get her an Oscar nod. It’s too soon for Dakota to win an Academy Award, but she is going to sooner or later. She’s brilliant.