David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell are Dating

Kimberly Caldwell, the fun loving American Idol contestant turned TV Guide channel host, is now banging American Idol winner, David Cook.

David Cook on American Idol

Kimmy interviews and reports on all things Idol, among other topics, so she was well versed on who David Cook is, and how could she resist? Guitar players are sexy. Being the creative skank that she is, she decided to move in on his peen, not missing an opportunity to date an up and coming rockstar.

American Idol champ David Cook and season two alum Kimberly Caldwell are making sweet music together.On Tuesday’s Live With Regis and Kelly, he revealed that they recently went on a date after meeting through the hit Fox show.

Asked if he had a good time, Cook, 25, said, “I did. We’ll probably hang out again. So we’ll see.”

I really enjoyed watching Kim compete on the show years ago. She’s so fun. Such a damn skank, she is, which, of course, makes me a fan. I like chicks who bang the people they work with. It just means you have standards and prefer men who are employed. It’s actually respectable.