Deena Nicole Cortese: Plastic Surgery Disaster?

With Snooki’s pregnancy and The Situation’s drug problem, I didn’t think things could look much worse for season six of Jersey Shore. Then I saw Deena Nicole Cortese‘s new face:


Yikes! You’d think with the amount of work that JWoww’s had done, Deena would have someone to turn to for plastic surgery advice. Did she try to do it herself? It looks like she laid down on the operating table and just said, “Gimme the works.” If you’re gonna have multiple procedures done, as Deena clearly has, it should be a gradual process. Of course, the Jersey Shore kids aren’t exactly known for their patience and moderation.

Let’s face it, Deena wasn’t exactly a looker before, but she had a “take me as I am,” drunk girl next door charm to her. Now it looks like a year of walking red carpets has inspired her to try to transform herself into a Hollywood beauty…with disastrous results.

(Photo: WENN)