Demi Lovato is Close to Making Alex Welch Settlement

I am totes jealous right now. I wish a rich b!tch would punch me in the face so that I could get paid. Alex Welch, a dancer who Demi Lovato had beef with resulting in a Demi sponsored black eye, is close to settling with the Disney slut who is currently in rehab.

Welch’s lawyer says that Alex is seeking “a settlement,” apology from Demi AND a donation made to a charity of her choice. Alex Welch told Inside Edition that it would “mean a lot” to her if Demi apologized.

Demi Lovato Red Jacket

Dayum, Alex is hardcore. She knows that Demi is glad that she punched her out and her lawyer is seeking an apology? I don’t wanna mess with this b!tch. We’ve managed to find Alex’s court documents: “Defendant [Demi Lovato] must acquire “Property Of Alex Welch” tattoo across her butt cheeks, just because. The plantiff [Alex Welch] also requests that the defendant deliver a teary apology for sucking at life, which the plantiff reserves the right to record and post on Youtube.”