Demi Moore: Addicted to Red Bull?

Is Demi Moore‘s team trying to hide her real addictions by claiming that she’s addicted to a friggin’ energy drink?! Demi “was obsessively drinking Red Bull” just weeks before she was rushed to the hospital.

Demi Moore skinny picture

Demi has had Red Bull delivered to her house “as early as 2002.”

TMZ reports: “The delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.” Isn’t that the point of having a product delivered?!

Moore was allegedly drinking Red Bull instead of eating food, in the months preceding her hospitalization.

Demi partied two weeks ago and she “consumed a massive amount of Red Bull but never touched alcohol.”

Uh, Demi needs help because she has some serious issues and she was not rushed to the hospital for drinking Red Bull. Try again.

Photo: Wenn