Did Ed Swiderski Cheat on Jillian Harris? I Don’t Think So

UsWeekly put out an issue alleging that, while filming The Bachelorette, Ed Swiderski emailed his girlfriend Lindsey Johnson that Jillian Harris is “not my type” and that he’s “not into this chick at all.” Sweet. He also had sex with Lindsey eight days after proposing to Jillian Harris during the finale and even tried to seduce a woman named Bethany Steffen a few days later!

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During the show, Ed also allegedly text Lindsey that he’s going to molest her when he gets back from filming. Romantical. Swoon!

Well I don’t buy any of it. I watched every episode this season and Jillian and Ed are madly in love. Jealous skanks aside, fellow Bachelorette contestants are talking sh*t to. Wes Hayden, one of the most hated contestants in Bachelorette history, claims that Ed told him that he has a girlfriend. RIGHT! Wes had a girlfriend during the entire show and admitted it, naturally he’s trying to throw someone under the bus so that he doesn’t look like the jerk that he is.

And contestant Michael Stagliano claims that Ed’s not a good guy. Michael said, “There was definitely something, I can’t put my finger on it, where I did think, I’m not going to be best friends with this guy. Ed’s a shady character.”

I can’t believe all the catty-ness that takes place with these idiot male contestants. This season of the show was pretty drama-filled and these dorks need to move on. I can’t remember being this interested in learning the fate of a reality TV couple since I Love New York 2, haha, or Rock of Love 1. Heh.

If you care, stay tuned! I’ll be on this couple like Lindsay on SamRo’s snatch.