Doug Reinhardt’s Neighbor Wants Paris Hilton Out

Paris Hilton has made one of Doug Reinhardt‘s neighbors so miserable that he’s willing to pay his landlord an extra $5,000 if he sends Paris packing.

The neighbor says Hiltie is ruining his life. She’s lived there a grand total of 5 days … already cops have been called twice because of loud parties, screaming and yelling, and vandalism. We’re told the neighbor complained to Doug yesterday about all the ruckus since Paris moved in. Doug said, “This is what you have to expect because Paris and I are public figures.

Paris Hilton is pregnant

The neighbor rents his property for $22,000 but is willing to pay $27,000 a month if Paris gets the boot. The neighbor requested that TMZ keep him anonymous, but this rich dude sounds crazier than Paris Hilton. If he knows who Paris is, he should know that her relationships are seasonal. His ‘ruined life’ will be much better by August. Tops.