Drake and Tyra Banks are Dating?!

Drake and Tyra Banks are a thing? I just need a moment to digest this for a little bit…Okay, now that my stomach acid is back to normal, let’s get down to the business of OMG OMG OMG is this for real?

Aubrey Drake Graham PictureTyra Banks Model Pose

According to Radar Online, the 25-year-old rapper and 38-year-old model/mogul/firer of Mr. Jay–killing any hopes I had of ever watching America’s Next Top Model again–had a Disneyland date. The couple went on rides, went to Yogurtland, and had a nice time. Both of them parted ways with their respective significant others in the winter, and now I guess they’re having a spring fling. (And, yes, I really did just write that.)

In fact, I am sure that this is a healthy, mature relationship and they’re adults and they can do whatever they want, but seriously? Tyra is cray cray. This is going to be insane. I was not prepared for this, and it’s either going to explode and be horrible or explode and be plain weird.