EJ Bonilla Plays Marco on Revenge, Talks to Pop on the Pop

The plot for season 2 of ABC's Revenge has undergone a shift in focus from season 1. Last season Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily Thorne, was seeking revenge against those who wronged her late father. This season Emily found her mother, began dating an ex. While Daniel, played by Josh Bowman, took over his dad's company and Nolan Ross lost half of his company and revenue to cutthroat Daniel.


Marco is one of the reasons why Nolan has been going down in flames this season. EJ Bonilla plays Marco on Revenge. He loves his primetime role and he actually thinks his character is good!! I met up with EJ a few weeks ago in Downtown LA to talk all things Revenge season 2. Here's part 1 of my exclusive.

POTP: Were you watching Revenge last season?

EJ: I was because my girlfriend watches it and I was forced to because it was on next to me. I got a little addicted.

POTP: What do you think of this season how it's going versus last season, as far as all the twists and turns?

EJ: I feel like any show, as the seasons go on, you get to know more about the characters and the more you know about the characters, the more of a personal connection you develop with them. For example, with Nolan, Marco's character is introduced and introduces his past, the way that he was before he was Nolan Ross The Billionaire. To have someone who knows him as just some guy who's trying to start up some tech company is entertaining cause now we know a lot more about him.

POTP: What attracted you to this role? Was it brought to you, was it your agent?

EJ: It was an audition for Revenge [laughs], that's about it! It was an opportunity to pay some bills. Any chance you get to work on a show that has as good a cast and writers that this show does, it's good luck.

POTP: Because you play such a villain on the show, how are fans reacting to you on the street?

EJ: Am I a villain? I didn't even know!

POTP: I mean you're not exactly a good guy on the show [laughs], unless you think you're a good guy.

EJ: I think I'm a really good guy. This is the conversation I have with everyone I ever talk to about it. The audience views Marco as a troublemaker and I think that he is not. I think he's really genuine. I think that if they look back at some of the episodes, they'll notice that his intentions are good even if the affects of his actions don't seem it.

POTP: What is it like working with the cast, being the new guy. Was it an easy transition?

EJ: I thought maybe I might come on and be like the ugly stepchild, like this child isn't really ours! But there was a huge icebreaker! Nolan, Gabriel, [Padma on the show] and I all had the same acting coach in New York City. And with the love triangle on the show, it was a way for me to just feel like I was in acting class again, just really comfortable like I was back on stage.

Make sure to come back next Friday for part 2 of my exclusive with EJ. A new episode of Revenge airs Sunday Feb. 10 at 9PM on ABC.