Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell: Fighting Already

Oh Ellen, sweetheart, did you think that you wouldn’t have to deal with Simon Cowell’s ego? B*tch, please.

Ellen DeGeneres arrived to her first American Idol taping nervous, excited, and on time only to discover that Simon and his bad haircut were nowhere to be found. This is Simon’s last season on the show, so he probably doesn’t care about punctuality.

Ellen and Portia picture

Simon Cowell showed up an hour and a half late for the taping, and a very angry Ellen called Simon a “prima donna!” This is sad! Does Ellen think that Simon hasn’t been called much worse over the course of his career? B*tch, please.

To accommodate both her talk show hosting duties and her American Idol judging duties, she had moved up her schedule so that now she shot the talk show earlier in the day and then jumped in the car to go to Idol.

“Right from the start, the chemistry isn’t great.”

This is where the story begins to sound fictitious, or maybe Ellen is that anal. But Ellen is said to have contacted her friend who brought her to Idol, Mike Darnell, and asked him to “hurry up and pick” Simon’s replacement. Guess who I don’t feel sorry for? Ellen! Guess who created the show? Simon! I’m sure this isn’t the first time Simon’s been late and it won’t be the last. Drumroll, aloud, and all together now … B*tch, please!