Ellen Ross Talks to Pop on the Pop!!

Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend Ellen Ross, 23, has lost her privacy but has found love. Ross said, “I’m completely happy with him, and I have no complaints and we always have a great time.” Within months, Ross has gone from virtual obscurity to tabloid cover girl. Although she has become a paparazzi magnet and has been thrust into the rumorville, she has kept quiet – until now.

For the first time ever, the 5’5 brunette known as “Jon Gosselin‘s girlfriend” is speaking out. Ross said, “I’ve never spoken with any [reporter] and I’ve never had an interest to. You can put that down” Okay, just did.

Ellen Ross Jon Gosselin

What was your first date with Jon like? I heard it was a blind date. Ya, that is true. We were introduced.

Was your first date in a bar? Oh no. That was where Star magazine got the first picture of us, I guess. [The bar photo] was for a charity event that I went to with him. Prior to that, we had been together for several weeks.

What was your first date like? It was a backyard barbecue. You get together, sit around, have drinks, talk. That’s just the kind of stuff we do. I always tell people we’re like a regular couple.

What do you love the most about him? I’m completely happy with him, and I have NO complaints and we always have a great time. Let’s see … He’s funny, he’s very down to earth, he’s very laid back. Obviously, he’s a good father! He’s just fun to be around, he always thinks of fun things to do. We actually have a lot in common; I think that’s why we get along so well.

Is it true that you told Jon to get a tattoo of your name? NO! Those were some words taken out of context. The tattoo artist is my friend and has done work on me, and I’ve known him since high school. I suggested, when Jon wanted to get a tattoo, that he go to my friend. That’s how that came up. Maybe I was the one who made the initial, first contact, but that was totally taken out of context.

Do people ask for your picture? Nope. Nope. None of that yet [laughs].

Have your family and friends met your boyfriend? Everyone close to me has and everyone’s supportive and totally understandable about everything, so, they just want me to be happy. That’s important to me.

Were you nervous about introducing him? No, no. I told them that he’s a regular guy to me and he treats me like someone should treat someone in a relationship. I told them that they’ll see that when they meet him, that’s all I say to people. [After they meet Jon] they’re like,” You know what? You’re right.” And I always say don’t believe anything you read because it will be the complete opposite.

You’ve managed to stay under the radar. I try to be myself. I don’t try to go anywhere in particular. We just do regular things like regular people do and if there happens to be somebody around that’s a reporter or somebody that sees us, they may take a picture on their own.

Did you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8?


I would watch it occasionally if it was on. I wasn’t into it at the time. I was always out. I have seen episodes before.

Has anyone called you a home wrecker to your face? Do you stay off of gossip blogs? Anybody that says anything to me is supportive and they kind of feel for me for how certain things are perceived on the internet. I have yet to meet someone who strongly dislikes me to my face.

What kinds of things are people saying about you online? I might see the headlines, but I try to ignore it all. [Jon and I] both do. If we see it, we see it. I don’t read any comments. I figure anyone who is close to me is the one whose opinions I care about.

Would you ever appear on a reality show? No. I have no interest in doing that. I never have, never will. I would NEVER do [a reality show], that is not the direction that I’d ever want my life to go into.

So basically it sounds like you’re the anti-attention whore. Yep! That’s what everybody tells me. It’s very easy to make up a rumor about somebody, especially when they don’t have anything to talk to them about, they just speculate on their own.

So who is Ellen Ross? I’m very down to earth. I like to avoid drama and I have a lot of close friends and I’m close with my family. I just try to go with the flow and take things as they come to me. I’m pretty personable. I’m easy to get along with.

… We can’t argue with that. Ellen seems like a very nice girl and she’s very easy to get along with and/or talk to. We wish her the best of luck!

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