Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Have Sex in Hotels

Well they’re dating, and they’re traveling together to promote their new Spider-Man movie, so it makes sense. Some snitches have revealed that Emma Stone and our Because He’s Hot guy Andrew Garfield are sexing!

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield

Days after promoting their new movie at Comic-Con in San Diego, Emma and Drew went to a West Hollywood bar on July 25.

The duo, who’ve been dating since late June, got to the bar at 10:50 p.m., shared drinks and snacks and had an animated conversation. Garfield told the waiter, “Put it on my room,” and he and Stone headed for the elevator.

This f*ckship is reportedly very “hush-hush,” which is how I think I like it.

The dating pool in Hollywood is more like a kiddie pool, and I’m just not ready to accept that these two are an item. They’d be too adorable together and I’m just not ready for all that cuteness. I also think this will be a hint that Emma is like a Taylor Swift. I’m thinking that there’s a whole lotta whore in her behind the 13 year old looks and innocent persona.