Fantasia Barrino And Antwaun Cook: Back Together, Talking Marriage

If you have a roll of duct tape, I would advise you to wrap as much of it around your neck and shoulders to keep your head from rolling off with this craptastic news that Fantasia Barrino is back with her married boyfriend, Antwaun Cook. Radar Online reports the couple are working their relationship out, and are even talking marriage.

Antwaun Cook And Fantasia Together Picture

“Fantasia and Antwaun are back together again and they have even talked about marriage once his divorce is finalized with Paula. She knows that her family will only fully accept her relationship with him when he is no longer married.

“Antwaun has finally committed to Fantasia and his wife knows that their relationship is definitely over now. They want the divorce pushed through as soon as possible and Fantasia is determined to marry him and she wants to start a family with him too.”

Getting back with the man who has caused you so much anguish over the last two weeks, sounds like a fairytale relationship to me. Apparently, Fantasia’s self-esteem sucks but Antwaun makes her feel good about herself, so why not get back with him even though he has lied about his marriage for the past year? His penis must be the golden ticket.


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