Farrah Abraham Breast Implants, Now a D-Cup

Farrah Abraham wasn’t happy with her C-cup “tranny boobs” so she bought herself some D’s. The 22-year-old tells In Touch magazine “I look more natural now.” HUH?!

Farrah Abraham tranny boobs

Farrah got knifed up on May 31st. Her C-cups were saline and now she has a pair of silicone D-cup breast implants.

The single mother explained why she got the procedure: “I want to look my best. And I’m looking amazing.” Abraham’s C-cup boob job, chin implant and nose job cost her $10k. Her new breasts cost her $7,145.

Farrah doesn’t think her new boobs are too big for her frame. “I’m very realistic about keeping myself looking natural.”

Farrah also looks like she got herself some lip injections too. She’s insecure, desperate and, uh, insane! Farrah is going to get so much more work done! She keeps getting all of her procedures within months not years. We’re scared to find out what she’ll do for her next story.