Farrah Abraham Gets DNA Results, Reconciles With Mom

A new episode of Teen Mom always brings plenty of drama and tears from Farrah Abraham. The father of Farrah’s baby had passed away before she was born and Farrah has been working on getting Social Security benefits for her baby girl but needed DNA tests done to guarantee that her ex-boyfriend Derek was the father.

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Last week Farrah met up with Derek’s sister Kassy to have the DNA test done, and the results came back this week. The results came back with a 99.65 percent chance that Derek was the baby daddy. The kid looks just like her dad so it’s not like it was a huge question of whether he was Sophia’s poppa or not. Farrah met up with Kassy to give her the results and also explained to her that she loved her brother very much and hopes Sophia understands how much she cared for her daddy. Tears!

Poor Farrah is having a hard time dating because she feels like finding another man is replacing Derek. It’s obvious they had their issues together, but he was her true love and Kassy made it clear to Farrah that she was the only one Derek truly loved. Aww, more tears!


Farrah’s also took her psycho mom Debra to therapy to try to get her to understand how much Derek meant to her. It’s never been made clear what exactly happen between the two of them, but Debra did not like the dude (she said he was mean to Farrah) and didn’t want Farrah having anything to do with him after they broke up. By the end of the therapy session, Debra began to realize how much Derek meant to her daughter, and apologized. Instead of focusing so much on Farrah, Debra should be focusing on finding someone to take care of those crazy bags under her eyes!

I feel like a proud momma watching Farrah become a mature, responsible mother over the last couple of years. She’s not the super b*tch she was on 16 & Pregnant, and she’s working hard to provide for her baby girl.

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