Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: She Squirts in ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’

Vivid Entertainment desperately wanted to release Farrah Abraham’s sex tape and the company paid her $1 million to release it. The 21-year-old former Teen Mom star isn’t hot, she isn’t funny, she isn’t sexy, she’s not interesting… her fake boobs are 8 inches apart. I knew the footage had to be good, but I had no idea it was so hardcore. Farrah was born to be a porn star and she proves that in her Backdoor Teen Mom sex tape.

Farrah Abraham crotch shot

There are numerous close ups of Farrah’s p*ssy and she tells James Deen that she wants him to do “anal first” and then “other stuff.” Lol. That doesn’t sound very hygienic to me, but I guess when you have unprotected sex with someone who is paid to have unprotected sex, cleanliness is out the window.

Farrah thoroughly enjoys her experience with James Deen and she’s seen squirting like a sprinkler at a water park. I predict that Farrah parlays her tape into many more. She won’t spend her earnings wisely, because she’s as dumb as they cum, but she will be around for a little while longer. Unfortunately.