Finally Miley is Miley Cyrus’ Sex Doll

Miley Cyrus is upset that Pipedream Products made a Cyrus sex doll. Miley’s doll has “3 achey love holes” and the girl on the cover not only looks much older than Miles, but she’s also hotter.

Kevin Johnson of Pipedream says that Miley’s doll sold out in “less than 48 hours.” Perverts.

Miley Cyrus blow up doll picture

Gaga, Brit Brit Spears, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson and Beyonce have all had replica sex blow-up dolls made much to their horror.

The Sun reports: Despite rumours of Miley’s pending lawsuit, the company is yet to remove the doll from the market. Johnson said: “We haven’t received a cease and desist letter from her attorneys yet, but I have seen those rumours circling online. “That probably means it will happen soon enough.”

I hope Billy Ray Cyrus already placed his order cause it may be hard for him to score one of these within the next few days.

Miley at the Kids’ Choice Awards:

Miles looks cuteMiley Cyrus hunchback photoMiley Cyrus' Nickelodeon Awards DressMiley Cyrus' eyes

Ms. Chipmunk CheeksLookin' GoodMiley's long dress

– Photos via Fame