Gary Shirley: Arrested During an Argument with Amber Portwood

When will these love birds ever learn?!? According to numerous reports, Gary Shirley was arrested yesterday after a police officer observed Gary and Amber having an argument in Gary’s car not too far from the Alexandria Police and Fire Dispatch Center. Dumb@sses!

Gary Shirley Mugshot

According to the police report, the officer “could hear a female arguing with a male inside the vehicle. I continued to listen to the female yelling inside the vehicle. I observed a female exit the vehicle from the passenger side and walk across the road to the apartment house still yelling.”

Yep, sounds like typical Amber behavior! The officer approached Gary’s car and asked for identification. Gary had his, but Amber claimed she was waiting to receive hers from the DMV so Gary busted out the whole we’re on ‘Teen Mom’ line as a way to give the office some type of identification on Amber, like the cop religiously watches that shiz on MTV.

Amber’s information came back clear, but Gary was driving on a suspended license so he was double cuffed (because he’s a big boy), stuffed, and sent to the pokey. Gary was released on $3,000 bail. He has already jumped on Twitter regarding his arrest and claims Amber wasn’t arguing with him, “she was upset about something someone did to her.”

Yeah Gary, good one. I’m sure there’s another argument brewing that has nothing to do with Gary but he’ll get sucked in and screamed at anyway.