George Lopez Files for Divorce After Prostitute Cheating Scandal

Vajazziling your vagina doesn’t keep your man around and giving him a kidney won’t make him stay either. George Lopez’s wife of 17 years, Ann Serrano, and Mr. Lopez have separated. Ann gave George one of her kidneys in 2004.

In May of this year, a Tampa Bay prostitute named “Tiffany” said that she had sex with the talk show host and he even set up a threesome with her and one of her friends. Tiffany told The National Enquirer, “I had sex with George Lopez for money, and so did a friend of mine. He wanted a threesome and texted me.” Tiffany also says she has text messages to prove it.

George and Ann have released some statement about how their split “is amicable and by mutual agreement.” I bet it is! Georgey wants to cheat and Ann isn’t having it. If only Ann was dressing up like a prostitute like Rihanna, maybe her man wouldn’t have messed with one outside the home?